How You Can Watch UK TV Live from China


Are you planning to travel to China, a tourist in China or perhaps you are an expat based in China and suddenly realize you cannot watch your favourites shows in the UK? With the ban and restrictions on some foreign websites, it’s almost impossible to visit some site in China due to the censorship and restrictions placed on some sites by the Chinese Government. All your favourite TV and online shows must have been blacklisted and some sites are not blacklisted some of its contents are geo-restricted and cannot be accessed in China. This does not mean all hope is lost, there are ways to overcome this hurdle. Do not fret we’ve got you covered.

To watch a UK TV from China, firstly, you will need to install a VPN (Virtual Private Network). It is an application that tricks the computer or the network into thinking that you are browsing from another location in which geo-restriction is not activated. In order words, VPN is a tool for unblocking access to some specific sites that are not accessible in your location. With a VPN you can obtain a UK IP (Internet Protocol) and browse your favourite shows or TV. It also provides a secure connection that ensures your privacy online. It doesn’t matter whether you are a visitor in China, a tourist, an expat, a businessman or a UK TV lover based in China you can connect to any United Kingdom TV live in China using a good VPN.

Now that you know that it is possible to watch your favourite shows in the UK from China, the next step is to learn how to connect to the best VPN provider.

Here are steps to take to watch UK TV in China

1. Connect your Devices to the Internet: The first step is to ensure that your devices are connected to a fast and reliable internet service, It doesn’t matter if it is a mobile data or WIFI, mobile phone or the computer, make sure your devices are connected to a good internet connection.

2. Choose from a list of VPN Services: The next step is to find a good VPN provider that meet your needs. Here are some recommended VPN services providers that will suit your needs. Here are some tested and trusted VPN services to choose from.

a. NordVPN –

b. ExpressVPN

3. Install and activate your VPN: Download and install a VPN on your device. Once you have downloaded, installed and activated a VPN on your device, select the United Kingdom under location. Visit to confirm that your IP has been changed to a UK IP.

4. Watch your favourite UK TV in China: Once your IP has been confirmed, the next step is to browse your favourite TV shows in the UK through any of the preferred platforms. here are some platforms to watch from:

a. BBC TV: BBC TV offers a free streaming option for shows on BBC TV in the UK. To have access to this, register on the BBC website.

b. Netflix: Though Netflix is available in China its contents are location restricted that is you can not watch contents outside China, with VPN in your arsenal, you can watch any content without restrictions.

c. Other Preferred Platforms:  Aside the ones listed above, you can also watch your any UK TV via other platforms.