List of All Mobile Phone Manufacturers/Brands

All mobile phone brands

Here is a list of all Mobile Phone Manufacturers /Brands in The world

Acer Acer phones Alcatel Alcatel phones
Allview Allview phones Amazon Amazon phones
Amoi Amoi phones Apple Apple phones
Archos Archos phones Asus Asus phones
AT&T AT&T phones Benefon Benefon phones
BenQ BenQ phones BenQ-Siemens BenQ-Siemens phones
Bird Bird phones BlackBerry BlackBerry phones
BLU BLU phones Bosch Bosch phones
Casio Casio phones Cat Cat phones
Celkon Celkon phones Chea Chea phones
Dell Dell phones (19) Emporia Emporia phones (15)
Ericsson Ericsson phones (40) Eten Eten phones (22)
Fujitsu Siemens Fujitsu Siemens phones (2) Garmin-Asus Garmin-Asus phones (5)
Gigabyte Gigabyte phones (56) Gionee Gionee phones (25)
Haier Haier phones (51) HP HP phones (38)
HTC HTC phones (208) Huawei Huawei phones (164)
i-mate i-mate phones (34) i-mobile i-mobile phones (37)
Icemobile Icemobile phones (55) Innostream Innostream phones (18)
iNQ iNQ phones (5) Jolla Jolla phones (2)
Karbonn Karbonn phones (57) Kyocera Kyocera phones (21)
Lava Lava phones (39) Lenovo Lenovo phones (98)
LG LG phones (521) Maxon Maxon phones (31)
Maxwest Maxwest phones (23) Meizu Meizu phones (8)
Micromax Micromax phones (177) Microsoft Microsoft phones (14)
Mitac Mitac phones (12) Mitsubishi Mitsubishi phones (25)
Modu Modu phones (8) Motorola Motorola phones (408)
MWg MWg phones (5) NEC NEC phones (73)
Neonode Neonode phones (3) NIU NIU phones (21)
Nokia Nokia phones (435) Nvidia Nvidia phones (2)
O2 O2 phones (45) OnePlus OnePlus phones (2)
Oppo Oppo phones (28) Orange Orange phones (18)
Palm Palm phones (16) Panasonic Panasonic phones (60)
Pantech Pantech phones (72) Parla Parla phones (8)
Philips Philips phones (217) Plum Plum phones (69)
Prestigio Prestigio phones (56) Qtek Qtek phones (21)
Sagem Sagem phones (120) Samsung Samsung phones (1003)
Sendo Sendo phones (19) Sewon Sewon phones (25)
Sharp Sharp phones (41) Siemens Siemens phones (94)
Sonim Sonim phones (13) Sony Sony phones (84)
Sony Ericsson Sony Ericsson phones (188) Spice Spice phones (109)
T-Mobile T-Mobile phones (52) Tel.Me. Tel.Me. phones (7)
Telit Telit phones (30) Thuraya Thuraya phones (1)
Toshiba Toshiba phones (35) Unnecto Unnecto phones (16)
Vertu Vertu phones (16) verykool verykool phones (80)
vivo vivo phones (9) VK Mobile VK Mobile phones (31)
Vodafone Vodafone phones (66) Wiko Wiko phones (11)
WND WND phones (5) XCute XCute phones (4)
Xiaomi Xiaomi phones (17) XOLO XOLO phones (62)
Yezz Yezz phones (57) Yota Yota phones (2)
ZTE ZTE phones (141)


If we missed anyone, Kindly add to it, Lists of all mobile phone manufacturers/brands all over the world