The Innjoo Company has gradually established a successful presence in the Nigerian region. Debuting with the Innjoo i1s in 2014, the company has released several products marking its success in the Nigerian territory. Recently, the company added to its collection by introducing the 5-inch Innjoo Fire and its 5.5-inch counterpart, the Innjoo Note Pro.

In cities like Lagos, Warri and Port Harcourt, the arrival of earlier models caused mixed reactions, though this established the premise for the company to achieve record sales during the launch of these products.

Building momentum, the company released the Innjoo One, famously regarded to be her flagship product in February this year. With the success established via its release, and aiming to provide more quality products at even more affordable prices, the firm released this month: The Innjoo Fire and the Innjoo Note Pro.

The arrival of these products was met with a lot of anticipation and enthusiasm.

Eager to get in on the action we decided to find out what the uproar was all about. On the surface, it seems the Innjoo Note Pro could be the advanced version of the Innjoo Note, released by Innjoo in 2014. Thus, we decided to get our hands on the phone and find out.

Today, we would be reviewing the Innjoo Note Pro.

The Innjoo Note Pro was initially launched in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, but gradually found its way into the Nigerian market. Seemingly competing with the official launch of the Innjoo Fire, the Innjoo Note Pro proffers different specifications enabling the buyer to select from the array of features, based on their smartphone needs.


Innjoo fire review