Smile and Spectranet Modems Are being Hacked

smile router page hack

Since the beginning of the month, popular 4G networks Smile and Spectranet have encountered a major data breach which left most of their modems hacked. Smile claimed the issue has been resolved but users keep facing the same issue.

This issue started on April 20, 2019 when most smile subscribers noticed their modem name suddenly changed to jihatsu, when you sign on this, it takes you to a page asking

jihatsu - smile modem hacked
Here is the display message when you connect to the network

It’s quite sad both companies haven’t issued a press release, some of the worries are as follows: is there is a breach of data? is there network connections secured? Is there a chance that users information leaked or been infiltrated by these hackers.

Right now the permanent solution is taking the modem to their office as resetting the modem doesn’t fix the problem.

jihatsu - smile modem hacked
Other modems facing the problem